The Cinderella Ballet

We were walking around the mall, drinking hot chocolate samples from Williams and and admiring all the beautiful Christmas trees when we stumbled upon a local private school performing Cinderella. V loved it. She sat there mesmerized. The girls were wearing two of the costumes that she has of mine. She gladly exclaimed, “Mommy, I have that costume at home!” 2.0 squealed and clapped pretty much the entire time.

I got to thinking how incredibly lucky these girls are to get to go to the mall and practice performing in front of 100s of people. I mean everyone who walked by stopped for a few minutes to watch.

I hope, if V decides to be a dancer that she gets lots of opportunities to dance in front of crowds like this!

When we got home from the mall V went and put on her wings just like the dancer girls.

Fairy Down!





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