About Me

My name is Amber. I have the luxury of working along side my best friend Lauren.

We started Skylight Salon McKinney in August of 2015 and Skylight Salon Allen in February of 2017.  We both worked under a talented stylist for 3 years and then shared a small room within a suite for the following 3 years. Both of these situations served their purpose and at the time were exactly what we needed. After deciding that we wanted something more, the ideas began pouring in.

What we created is an open concept eco-chic salon in the Downtown Areas. We wanted a boutique salon feel where stylists could inspire each other but were still allowed to book their own appointments & keep all of their income.

By marrying these two ideas together we have created a unique space, there is no competition. Skylight simply provides an umbrella of like-minded people performing creative hair services.

If you have any questions or would like to join our team, please contact us.

Now that you know where I work let me tell you a little about myself:

During the day I love to be behind the chair, practicing trends, and making people feel good. My favorite part of each service is — styling the hair. I love to see the color and cut come together for a beautiful wear-able finish.

At night I have a strange love with organization and numbers. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down at my computer with a cup of coffee and looking over receipts and my bank account. Yes, I am crazy.

Whether you are looking for techniques to suggest to your stylist, inspiration , or products for your hair type, I am here for you. I’d love to answer your questions and hear your feedback.

Occasionally, I will open my front door and talk about my family, but primarily I will be focusing on all things hair!