Dear Client: We want you to be happy

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Dear Client,

There is something you should know about me: the stylist. My ultimate goal at work is to make you happy. I want you to come back, time after time, raving about how beautiful I have helped you feel. I want to turn you around in the chair after I am done styling your hair and hear you say, “Wow!”

That being said, I also want to know if you are ever unhappy with your service. I will do everything in my power to give you what you are wanting while maintaining the integrity of your hair.

I can’t tell you how many new clients sitting in my chair share with me their continual disappointment in their previous stylist. Maybe you have heard a friend give these excuses, or maybe you are also guilty of these: finding someone new was too hard, they had a friendship with their stylist, or they didn’t want to hurt their stylist’s feelings. This really breaks my heart. My clients really are my friends. I enjoy hanging out and chatting while I am making you beautiful, but I would never want you to like my company but not like my skills. I have a different style & technique than the stylist in the room next to me, and that’s okay. As the client, you have to realize that each stylist has their strengths and you should find a stylist that aligns with your needs.

Can I tell you a secret? If you like my company we can go have coffee and I will compliment your hair just the same if someone else has done it.

Does that make sense? Don’t stay with someone who is performing a service on you if you don’t like the outcome. It is stressful on you, and it is stressful on them.

Should you tell your stylist that you are leaving? I think this is completely up to you. There are two different scenarios: the client who never expressed that she was unhappy and suddenly stopped coming, or you have the client who time after time was always unhappy and then was never seen again.

If you fall into the first category where your stylist never knew that you were unhappy, I think it would be nice to express to her that you want to try something new and that you might not see her again. You don’t have to go into detail about how much you didn’t like this or that, just keep it short and sweet. It’s not personal, it’s business. Once you step back from the situation, you will realize that you can still maintain a friendship and you will both get over it. If you have always expressed that you were unhappy, then trust me, your stylist is glad to see you leave. She can take that time to make someone else feel good about themselves instead of having a repeat client make them feel like their skills are subpar.

There you have it. Loyalty is great, but remember, you are paying for the service. And I always want you to be happy, even if that means breaking up with me 😉





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