So that I don’t keep updating my FB status..

today i have 34 days left
unless they induce then i only have…28 days left
david has been traveling alot so i’m staying with my wonderful parents
my dad bought me a cream soda on his way home from work
charlie and alissa are getting married this weekend
charlie, andrew, jenna, and chad graduated from college this semester!

i am so glad i still get to work..sheesh i can’t imagine how bored i would be if I had to sit at home by myself all day

i had a baby shower and got lots of fun things for Valentine…as of right now..i’ve gained almost 50 LBS..its disgusting, but I have a healthy baby and that is all that matters

Valentine has been being a little mean lately. she stabbs me in the ribs with i guess her feet and takes my breath away. my ankles have been swelling like an elephant…it is pretty funny.

For Mothers Day David and I got the new grandmas a 3d Sonogram

I made my mom a slideshow for her 50th Birthday

this is me growing a baby. (i’ll upload more later)


i have been so stinkin tired lately.
poor david has to hear me complain all the time. I’m going to stop that soon.

i’ve been enjoying starbucks double chocolaty chip frappuccinos almost every day…i can give credit to them for my extra weight gain 😉 I’ve gained a total of 20 lbs since my awesome weight before i got prego. sad face.

today i missed ella’s 2nd birthday. i didn’t get to go last year either. i am super bummed. i think i am more sad about it because i realize how important those birthday parties are now…she will never be this little again. aww kids grow up way to fast..i know my baby sure is growing up to fast in my tummy. 17 more weeks. weird.