So that I don’t keep updating my FB status..

today i have 34 days left
unless they induce then i only have…28 days left
david has been traveling alot so i’m staying with my wonderful parents
my dad bought me a cream soda on his way home from work
charlie and alissa are getting married this weekend
charlie, andrew, jenna, and chad graduated from college this semester!

i am so glad i still get to work..sheesh i can’t imagine how bored i would be if I had to sit at home by myself all day

i had a baby shower and got lots of fun things for Valentine…as of right now..i’ve gained almost 50 LBS..its disgusting, but I have a healthy baby and that is all that matters

Valentine has been being a little mean lately. she stabbs me in the ribs with i guess her feet and takes my breath away. my ankles have been swelling like an elephant…it is pretty funny.

For Mothers Day David and I got the new grandmas a 3d Sonogram

I made my mom a slideshow for her 50th Birthday

this is me growing a baby. (i’ll upload more later)

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