A Trip to The Public Library

I was looking at all the fun Christmas books at Target when I thought, silly me. I can get these books at the library !

When we entered the library I could see Vs eyes light up. We hadn't been since she was little. I know she thinks its one giant toy store. Her mission was to find a Dora book. Mine was to find only the best worst Christmas book evvvver! Do you know what I'm talking about?

Drum roll please…

Edit: November 29

These past few days we have had a blast reading the 11 library books that we brought home!? The librarian said we could have checked out 100. Wow. I am scared enough about losing one of these 11.

It's funny though. I love the plastic covers on the books and the library cards inside the cover. It brings back tons of great memories. It is weird all the times I've been to a library in my school days and college days these feelings never surfaced, but the other day when I was walking with V&2.0 in those doors it brought me back to when my mom used to take us to the public library for story time. I honestly don't remember how many times she took us but I can remember walking through the tall aisles not knowing what book I was searching for and seeing all the best books out of my reach on top of the shelves. It was a really amazing feeling.

The other memories and more vivid ones were when I was in second grade. I feel like we spent quite a bit of time in the library for various reasons, maybe because I had trouble reading so I had to have special help, maybe it was all the times we participated in something similar to Skype and talked to kids in China, or maybe it was the fact that we had to write sentences to the library when we turned in books late.

I don't know. I remember loving looking through the card catalogs and seeing who checked out the books last and how long ago. In fact, the first thing I did was look at the last time the book had been checked out when I opened V's book. Quickly realizing the way they keep track of that now is not the same. That card hasn't always been with that book.

I am excited to continue going to the library and learning new things with my own kids!


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