Young Living: Lavender Towels

Shavasana is perhaps the most important part of yoga practice. Lying on the back, the arms and legs are spread at about 45 degrees, the eyes are closed and the breath deep. The whole body is relaxed onto the floor with an awareness of the chest and abdomen rising and falling with each breath.

I’m getting back into yoga again and all of my muscle memory is returning through each practice. Shavasana has always been my favorite part of class. I just started taking at a studio where the teacher gently places a towel with the aroma of lavender over my eyes. It is the most relaxing 2 minutes of my day.

I’ve decided to bring this into the salon. Meshing my two favorite things together; a relaxing shampoo and a little lavender towel.

Look forward to this at your next service.


How to:
I folded 8 freshly washed towels into a plastic box. On each towel I put one drop of Young Living Lavender Oil. I put the lid on tight and the towels soaked it in.

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