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When I first started my salon I didn’t think that I would sell retail, but when I really started to think about it I wondered just how would my clients take care of their hair at home? I don’t want my clients to invest in a beautiful color service and watch their money go down the drain when they use products that aren’t made to protect their hair.

I truly believe that when it comes to your hair (or anything for that matter) you get what you pay for. When I was researching for this post I found a lot of articles that were really discouraging as a hair stylist. I read things like; “My hair stylist is ripping me off.” “Why does my hair stylist push products on me?” “I’m on a budget why does my hair stylist MAKE ME do this.”

I think it is very important to have a good relationship with your hair stylist. Inform her of your needs and you can come to a solution that works best for you. This also includes your product usage. Just like any decision you make, become informed, do your homework, and have a conversation. Know your hair, learn why you are getting the services you are getting, and learn about the products your stylist supports.

I always want my clients to feel like they are getting what they pay for and know that I put thought and knowledge into every hair service that I do.

With that in mind I am of huge fan of Loreal’s Serie Expert line. I’ve been using it on myself for the past 7 years. Being that I have naturally curly, dry, frizzy, color treated hair I need a product that will moisturize and protect my hair.

I recommend Salon grade products on hair that is color treated, frizzy, unruly, difficult, flat etc. etc. etc. Serie Expert has a variety of different product lines based on the needs of your hair. If you have virgin, straight healthy hair and use drug store brands and they are working for you keep on keepin’ on. However, if your current regimen is not working for you start asking questions. Contact me if you are looking for products. I am offering 10% off when you start asking questions!

A few important facts…
-Drug store brands often have the same ingredients as salon grade products but have trace amounts of the proteins your hair needs.
-Salon products have MORE of the proteins your hair needs.
-Salon grade products contain more moisturizers and proteins that sink deep into your hair shaft

I’ll be doing a post about styling products here soon! My favorite product is Moroccan oil Hair Spray and Moroccan Oil Treatment!



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    I really appreciate this because I think we all just do what we’ve always done, but really want to know if there is something better!

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