“You are a beautiful wonderful child of God.”


There is a constant nagging that my kids hear all day everyday, whether it be from me or others, it’s there.

I catch myself wanting my kids to waddle around like two ducks in a row; perfectly dressed, quiet, filled with good manners, respecting others, sharing, eating the right foods, I think you catch my drift.

I have this fear that when they get out of line it is a reflection of me as a mom and a person.

My mentor shared something with me that she tells her grand kids every time she sees them. She says to them, “You are a beautiful wonderful child of God.”

With all the negative my children hear and all the expectations I place on them I know it will be refreshing for them to hear, “YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL CHILD OF GOD.”

I hope by telling them this everyday I help their confidence blossom.


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