What’s Cookin’?

I’ve been giving her the Horizon’s Organic Milk since she started drinking milk. Does anyone have one they like better?
I was looking for different foods to feed Valentine for lunch and dinner other than lunch meat and chicken nuggets…so I got this Boca Meatless Burgers. I’ll let you know how she likes it.
I give Valentine waffles for breakfast and one trip I decided to try one with flax seed in it because why not? She really likes the waffles.
I tend to give Valentine so much dairy through milk, cheese, and yogurt so I got some unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk to alternate with the regular milk. She really likes it (and I like it too)
The Bubo Pinot Grigio is David and I’s favorite wine at the moment =)
I also decided to get some sheep’s cheese. Valentine really likes the 3 month aged Mancheso (and so do I) My mom has tried to the 6 month aged Mancheso and said that it is a little more potent.

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