Together Hope Exists


Last night I went to a performance directed, choreographed, and performed by my amazingly talented friend (and mentor), Bonnie Hotman Pehl.

There were dancers, singers, and musicians, quotes, movie clips, and speakers.

I had been feeling like as an adult and a mom that some of my childhood passions were useless. That from now on I have to live through my kids. I had been craving taking a dance class, but shot myself down by convincing myself I was too old or out of shape. Bonnie and the other dancers proved me wrong. I saw Bonnie dance and look more beautiful than I have EVER seen her before. And she, like me, has 2 kids and isn't 19 anymore 😉 All of the dancers looked like they were living on stage. I could feel how much fun they were having. It wasn't fake or forced. Their emotions were raw. They wore every laugh and tear on their faces and through every movement. I have never seen anything like it.

The entire theme of the show was by loving each other we create change in the world, seeing the happiness in every situation, overcoming struggles, tragedy, and loss.

I left the show feeling excited and rejuvenated. My mom and I were singing and having a great time with the MC. It made me realize I need to stop worrying about the future and live in the moment and cherish every breath I take and love everyone.

To top off the fact that this was a great show… They raised $10,000 for a dad struggling with colon cancer.


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