“Thrive, Don ‘t simply survive.”


I heard an amazing speaker named Karol Ladd. The topic of today’s talk was “Thrive, don’t simply survive.” Something that she focused on was the ABCs on being flexible in your life (especially as a mom).

A- Accept the challenges
Accept the challenges God gives you and grow from it.

B-Believe in the beauty of Plan B
Always remember that your plan B is ALWAYS GOD’S PLAN A

C- Chose to move forward
Mold grows in every environment….but diamonds only grow under immense pressure.

In our discussion afterwards someone reminded me of a saying I’ve heard before, “Being a mom is the closest you’ll ever feel to what God feels for us.” and It’s so funny because as frustrated as I feel toward my daughter when she continually tells me “No!”, continues to do everything I tell her not to, and the times when SHE WILL NOT ASK FOR FORGIVENESS (she is as stubborn as me)…I still long to be close with her while she is making me mad. That is how God feels about me. When I keep telling him no to whatever I am feeling led to do or when I continue to be selfish and lazy or when I will not ask for forgiveness he still forgives me. I am doing a horrible job at explaining how I am feeling about this topic, but I think you get the idea behind it.



  1. Dawn says

    Agreed! Love my kiddos more than life itself but come on I want them to be the best “them” that God created them to be.

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