The things I loved as a new mommy!

Stroller/ Car Seat
You have two options; the travel system or the snap and go with infant carrier.
I had a Graco infant carrier and a baby trend snap and go stroller. I chose this because it was light weight and I didn’t want to lug around the huge stroller.

Now that Valentine is older and no longer in an infant carrier I use a Britax car seat and Maclaren Umbrella stroller. I do not recommend the Maclaren stroller. I recommend finding a stroller with storage space, a cup holder for you, and a cup holder/snack place for your baby. I would eventually like to buy the especially for kids Trend Sport Umbrella Stroller.

I found this mirror and car seat toy helpful. This car seat grabber helps protect your seat.

Things we didn’t use:
Neck rest, Seat organizer, Window shade that sticks directly on the window

Safety and Toiletries stuff
Diapers (Pampers Swaddlers)
Ear Thermometer
Children’s Tylenol
Gas Relief (Mylicon Drops)
Teething Medicine (Baby Orajel Tablets)
Baby Lotion (Aveno)
Baby Wash (Johnson and Johnson)
Diaper Rash Cream (Desitin)
Dry Skin or scrapes (Aquaphor)
Sunscreen (Ask your doctor what he recommends)
Pacifier Case
Nail clippers
Bulb Syringe
Wash Clothes and Towels
I never used: baby powder, wipe warmer, diaper genie
Pack and Play
There are 3 different sizes. (Deluxe, Lite, and bassinet) The Deluxe doesn’t fit through a normal sized door. The lite is good to keep in your trunk so you can bring it in for naps when you are out. The bassinet is good when they are new borns and sleeping right next to your bed.

Bath Time
I did not have a lot of room for a separate tub for Valentine so I would use one of these foam pads in the kitchen sink to give her a bath. Now that she is older, I put her in the tub in one of these chairs.

Your Best Friend
Boppy Cover

Accessory Kit
Extra accessories
Storage Bags
Nursing Pads
Nursing Cover
Lansinoh Nursing Cream
Medela 9 Volt lighter adapter

Dr. Browns Bottles
Dr. Brown Steamer
Drying Rack
Bottle Cleaning Brush


Teething Feeder
Snack Catcher
Rubber Spoons (so she can chew on them)
Terry Cloth Bibbs (The cotton ones are smaller and don’t clean their face and hands as well)

I used the video monitor and I loved it. I would just leave the sound off and watch her. This made it to where I wasn’t always going in to check on her. I could tell that she was safe so I didn’t have to worry.

Child Carriers
I used the Baby Bjorn. I didn’t use it often but found it helpful when I was doing things around the house and she wanted to be attached to me. I wished that I had a different one, but am not sure which one I would have really wanted.

Valentine did not use her bouncer, but many other babies lived in them.

Gym Play Mat
I thought the play mat was a waste of money. Again, other people loved them.

Valentine will spend forever in this door jumper. I liked it better because it was very portable. I would take it with me to my friend’s houses and put her in it. Many people cannot use it though because they do not have doorframes. If not, the stationary jumper gives the same effect.

Extra Sheets
Changing Pad
Changing Pad Cover
Extra Changing Pad Covers
Breathable Bumper Pads/Bumper Pads
Small Fan to muffle the sound
Infant Positioner
Diaper Stacker


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