Thanking God for Every Moment

The Pastor at our church Sunday gave a sermon on remembering the little things. I sat there thinking to myself “DUH!” But when I really thought about it I realized I don't remember the little things. My first thought is to complain about everything. Today, Here I am trying to find God in every situation. He is everywhere!

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I am thankful in this moment that…

9:00am I have a car that runs and two happy kids that don't mind running errands with me!

10:00 I have a hard working husband who provides for our family allowing us to afford an abundance of food on the table.

11:00 I have the luxury of chosing which grocery store I want to go to. Sprouts is fun and I love to teach my kids about the fruits and veggies!

12:00 My kids are friends. They play so well together and are physically capable of making an awesome mess!

1:00 My son is starting to feed himself. It assures me that he is developing and that his motor skills are right on track.

2:00 The Crock Pot and Crock Pot Liners were invented.

3:00 My friend came over to hang out with me today.

5:00 I am thankful for this beautiful Fall weather. My daughter ran outside and yelled, “Mommy, it's Fall!” As she saw the leaves falling from the trees. It is refreshing to see her get excited about something so innocent and natural.

6:00 My hubs loves something as yummy and easy as Frito pie for dinner!

7:00 There is nothing better than ending my day watching my husband play with the kids. We are all blessed in this moment to be in a home full of love!

8:00 I am thankful for how awesome my brand looks!




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