The weather this week has been beyond perfect. I have enjoyed everyday to the fullest. Playing hard and falling to sleep fast.

Today, was one of my favorites. My friend called me at the last minute and invited me and a few other ladies over for lunch. Our kids played outside and enjoyed each other while we sat around a plate of hummus, chips, and cucumber!

These are all women that I have known forever, but more importantly we’ve experienced mother hood together. We could just sit there and laugh at how this kid had thrown the worst fit the day before or how they are writing their names. Its incredible to experience such a personal thing together! I love days like today and I can’t wait to go sit on the patio and have a margarita with these girls! Those days are coming soon!

Here is one of my stories: So I am beginning to potty train Valor. Pretty much letting him lead the way. Going on the potty when he wants, wearing a diaper when he wants, or getting to be nakie whenever he wants. Today we ran some errands and played at Watters creek. He did amazing we went potty like 4 times and he did it! yay.. no more diapers?! Then we get to my friends house and he is playing on the playground when he yells, “Mommy, I pooped.” OMG horrified. So disgusting. I got it all cleaned up and him cleaned up. Two minutes later, “Mommy, I peed.” OMG so a reminder to me. No potty training when he is busy playing with friends 😉 Don’t worry I was sure to remind him what a great job he had done that morning. Little Booger.

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