I started running on September 15, 2012 when I told my brother Charlie that it was a goal of mine to run a half marathon by the time I was 30. He said ‘Why wait until you are 30?’ Let’s do it now.’

My first run was really hard and I could barely finish a mile. The more I ran the easier it got. I always had Charlie there running with me to encourage me to keep going and I didn’t want to ask him to stop.

Here is the training schedule that we used:

The night before my race I set out all of my clothes and set my alarm for 4:30 AM. I didn’t sleep well because I was anxious. I kept waking up thinking I’d missed my alarm. I woke up and made it to the train station headed for Dallas. Luckily we got on at one of the first stops because the train quickly FILLED UP with spirited runners pumped and ready for the race.

We got to our corral very early and just walked around warming our legs up. As the start got closer, the music got louder, and the more antsy I became.

It was amazing.

1 Mile- When I saw the one mile mark I couldn’t believe my eyes. The first mile was down hill and then up hill. I was distracted by the sea of 25,000 runners ahead of me and behind me, that i didnt realize we had been running at a 10:30 pace! The streets were swarmed with people and groups cheering us on.

4 Mile- At mile 4 I already had to go to the restroom. I promised myself I’d wait until after mile 6. So I kept telling myself ‘Just keep running! Just keep running!’

10 Mile- I did not think I was going to make it, but The thought of getting to see my family at the 10 mile mark kept me going. I kept searching and searching for them and couldn’t find them. They called Charlie and told him where they were so right when we got there I saw them. I started to cry because I was so overwhelmed and excited that I could show my kids that I could do this. My mom got an embarrassing video of me running but I am so glad I have that memory. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR STANDING RIGHT THERE.

11 Mile- At the start of mile 10 I got my second wind from seeing my family, but that quickly wore off and I felt like I couldn’t make it. My mind kept telling myself that I needed to stop and walk for a minute, but my body would say, ‘NO I GOT THIS’ and I remembered my friend telling me ‘Your body can do double what you think it can.’ I knew I couldn’t give up.

12 Mile- Between mile 11 and mile 12 my feet were barely moving off the ground. Charlie told me, ‘Just focus on the bridge.’ I thought I can do it the finish line is on the other side of that bridge keep going. haha When I got to the other side of the bridge was the 12 mile mark. WHAT?! I thought I was almost done. Nope. 1.1 miles to go. I hadn’t run this far before and again didn’t think I could finish it. I kept telling myself you haven’t walked yet don’t do it now with 1 mile left. Charlie said, “Do you want to finish this strong?’ I thought what the hell and started running. I was feeling fantastic. The wind in my face. It felt great. I thought I was running but then realized all these people who were walking were passing me. That’s ok I was still doing it. I WAS DOING IT!

The Finish – When Charlie and I were training we’d jokingly hold our arms out to the side at the finishing point so I couldn’t wait to do it for real.


Indescribable…we should have just kept running 😉

Our bodies are such complex machines. Without all functioning parts it would have been so hard to overcome the trials of this race. During the race it was my mind telling me to stop and my body saying to keep going. Then after the race it was my body telling me that I should probably rest and my mind saying, ‘Why are you so tired?’ During the race I thought I could never do it again and then after the race I told Charlie that we should start training for another!

5:45 AM Pumped, ready, & freezing.

“We did it! We did it! We did it! Hooray!” -Dora
Thank you to everyone who came out to watch us. Stephen and Ashley came too!
A big thanks to my very supportive & proud husband!