My Work: Going From Ombre to Sombre


With summer coming to a close and the school year about to begin my client was ready to deepen her base and tone down her blonde!
1. I started by applying 5/0 and 10 volume to her roots. Each section ending at different places so that it wasn’t all dark just on her roots.
2. Next I went through and applied 5/0 and 10 volume low lights starting at her nape all the way to the top. In each foil I’d pull it through all the way, half way, OR a quarter of the way. That way the depth in her hair had variety.
3. I also put a few diagonal highlights around her face using Blondor and 20.
4. I then brought her to the shampoo bowl where I balyaged highlights between the foils.
5. Once all of the lightened pieces were to the desired toned I pulled out the foils and emulsified all of the colors.
6. I then toned her roots and mid-shaft with Redken Shades 7NB and toned her blonde ends with Wella Color Tourch 9/03 and 4.0.
And there you have it. <3