Hair: Grown Out Highlights to Intentional Ombre

Before & After
IMG_6473 IMG_6474
Ashley came to me with 3 months worth of roots and light hair that was washing her beautiful face out.
She loved the sombre look and we went with it!

  1. I started by applying Wella Color Touch 6/0 and 1.9 developer to her roots and about an inch into her blonde. I would take some pieces a little farther and brush on some low lights as well.
  2. Then I had her lay down at the bowl where I applied 40 Vol developer and Blondor working my way up her ends. To get that to process a little faster I wrapped the hair in foil.
  3. I just began emulsifying the root color and slowly pulling it down.
  4. As well as emulsifying the bleach and working my way up.
  5. When the blonde was to the level I wanted it I just pulled the 6/0 all the way through her ends for a split second so it would tone.
  6. Cut a few inches off and wa-la there you have it!

I love my hair *WORK* slefies!