Dear Client: Are You Ready For Ombré?

I am talking to my favorite blonde clients! So, you’ve been blonde your entire life but you are ready to try the ombré look.

The good news is there are many variations of subtle to dramatic when your stylist is doing ombré. Bring pictures so that you are able to express how dramatic you are thinking. Keeping in mind that this is just a guide and your hair will not look exactly like the picture.


While deciding how dramatic you are thinking, think about the way you wear your hair on a normal basis. We all know ombré looks beautiful down and curled. Are you going to wear it straight? Are you going to wear it in a pony tail?


As you can see your hair will look different in a pony tail! It is very fun just different! Thank goodness for Pinterest and the ability to do your homework before you go to the salon.

After you have made your choice and present your ideas to your stylist let them take the lead. They know your ideas. Now it’s their turn to impress you with their creativity. With ombré the possibilities are truly endless. Just Google Lauren Conrad and its obvious. After you have gone home rocking your ombre take the time to play with your hair; styling it different ways. At your next appointment suggest if you’d like it darker, lighter, more dramatic, more subtle. Balyage and ombré are an art form. Every clients hair is different and your hair is probably different than Lauren Conrad’s, especially considering half of her platinum blonde is extensions.

If you really feel like your stylist didn’t listen to your ideas than give them a call and have them try and alter their work. Your stylist hopefully warned you that after going from blonde highlighted hair to color on top there will be some time before you can go back to the amount of highlights you previously had in your hair. I suggest 2 months. This is to keep the integrity of the hair and not apply bleach over previously lightened hair. That being said there are ways to lighten the hair or apply a few highlights to appease you while you are waiting for the 2 months to pass. If you go back in and have it changed really consider if you stylist didn’t listen to you or you just decided you don’t like it on your face.

Changes is scary. Especially when your hair is your thing. Well even if it’s not your thing. Hair is important to your overall look. That’s why I love doing it so much. After considering the warnings take the plunge. Make the change, but make sure you are ready for this easy, effortless look, where you no longer have to go in ever 6 weeks to get your blonde roots retouched!