My Work: Short Wavy Ombre Hair

My client brought in this picture and I was excited for some fun effortless hair!

image (2)           image

  1. She started off with a shoulder length cut and level 5 all over.
  2. I began by cutting her hair into this short stacked bob.
  3. I brought her to the bowl while she was still wet and used a 100vol developer mixed with blondor.
  4. I first picked up little pinky sized sections and did balayage piece by piece.
  5. Once that got to processing I worked my way from her ends up to the mid shaft to get the overall lightness.
  6. To style her hair I took her directly from the bowl to the chair. I didn’t brush out her hair.
  7. I had her turn her head upside down while I towel blotted her hair to start establishing her curl pattern.
  8. Next I applied Aquage Curl Cream, Aquage Sea Salt Spray, and Moroccan Oil Mousse and did a little bit more towel blotting.
  9. I placed her under the dryer (or upside down using your diffuser at home) and let her dry
  10. Then I used a 1″ Hot Tools curling iron and only curled her roots, leaving out her ends, to get the more effortless look.

Short Effortless Hair

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