It was a really interesting speaker. She spoke on how important friendships are to maintain and ‘water’. She mentioned quite a few things to do: (1)Pop-in PJ Party (2)Chalking up driveways (3)Maintaining face-time (4)Surprising them with thoughtful trinkets etc. It was something I needed to hear. I feel like sometimes I take my friends for granted. My goal is to reduce the amount of time I spend on Facebook or watching television so that I have extra time to do more important things, like, thinking about my friends.



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    So what's MOPS? And could you elaborate on the ideas- PJ pop in mean a PJ party with friends? ANd Chalking the driveway? Is that just getting with your friends and their kids and playing with chalk? Just curious- sounds interesting!

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    MOPS is a seminar style Moms group that is nation wide. We have a different speaker everyweek. I am pretty sure it's mosly at churches. PJ pop in is where you show up at your friends house with doughnuts and coffee really early because you are up anyway. Chalk the driveway is going and leaving them messages when they aren't home.

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