Ohh my Sweet Vs

I am totally obsessed with my kids at their current ages. V 3.5 years old and 2.0 is 17 months! They are best friends and love to play together. They giggle, share, wrestle, and take each others toys.

2.0 at this moment LOVES to say ball. Any time he sees a sphere while we are driving he yells, “Ball! Ball! Ball!” He also loves my dad. Anytime we are face timing with my mom he asks for “Papa” over and over until he sees him and then starts to point at him and repeatedly yell “Papa! Papa!” And my dad just laughs. He is really noticing when Valentine or I are eating something that he doesn’t get. No more treats for us 😉 He cries for me when she takes something away or when he can’t do something that he wants to do. It’s funny because with Valentine I would have tried to stop her whining, but because he is my baby I want him to need me. Eek.

V is amazing. She loves to dress up and play with her dolls. Lulu and Nikki are her favorite. Fom the time she wakes up to when she goes to bed all I hear from her is, “Can I watch a movie?” “I’m hungry!” “Can I have a treat?” Ahhhhhhhhh, no seriously sometimes I want to scream. She loves 2.0 and when he is upset she tells him it’s okay and gives him something that would make him happy.

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