October’s Crisp Air

I am sitting here at Fourteen Eighteen Coffee House enjoying this beautiful weather just thankful for this break.

I put both the kids in a Mother's Day out program on Tuesdays so that I could work another day! This week I had a cancellation and am enjoying sometime to think. I always laugh because God always seems to have a way of knowing when I can handle things and when I can't.

For example, Sunday I unintentionally double booked myself at 8am. I had one client in the chair and another called that she was there. I, uncharacteristically was very calm and everything worked out fantastic. I couldn't have planned it better myself. Both amazing beautiful outcomes in a very timely manner. I honestly believe God just threw it at me because he knew I could handle it. Then today when my client cancelled I was thankful for the break. God must've known I needed it.

Just know if you are in my chair at any given time it's in God's perfect plan 🙂

My friend Mandi and I have been running about 3 or 4 times a week and are now up to 5 miles. We are in the process of training for a half! So that is pretty amazing. 2 things off my goal list! I haven't been reading. I really just haven't found a book that catches my attention long enough… Help please!

My best friend Rach is about to join me for lunch and coffee 🙂

I'll leave you with this princess & SpiderMan.




  1. Liz says

    You should get Jessica albas new book. A friend gave it to me and it looks good. I think it’s called the honest life. And I’m glad I was in your chair the other day 🙂 love my new cut!

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