My Work: Pinterest Hair

1. This client came in with bra strap length long hair and a beautifully crafted ombre that was grown out.
2. She wanted a clavicle cut with lots of layers and her ombre freshened up with more blonde pieces around her face.
3. I began by cutting her hair into this cute clavicle cut. It’s called this because that is right where it hits in the front, on her clavicle bone. The back is a little shorter to make the cut more playful.
4. Next I took her to the bowl and shampooed her hair.
5. Then I began the ombre process using 100 vol developer and Blondor. Because she already had ombre previously it didn’t take quite as long to work my way up.
6. After I got the bottom half to the desired tone I rinsed and did about 4 foil slices of Blondor and 20 on her bang section.
7. When the hair in the foils was my desired tone I emulsified the bleach on the entire bang section and let it set for about 5 minutes. I did this so that the highlight lines were not as noticeable.
8. A conditioning treatment, blow dry, and curling iron later you have the perfect Pinterest hair.


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