My Work: Balayage Highlights


This client came in with level 5 colored hair – and mixed in was a little wisdom on her roots.
She wanted her gray covered with some red and blonde balyage highlights throughout.

1. I started by applying Wella Kolestone 5/0 and 20vol to her roots
2. Next I foiled in a few red highlights with 30 vol and Wella Kolestone 7/34 and a few highlights using Blondor and 2o vol
3. I took her straight to the bowl and balayaged highlights on between the foils and in the back
4. While I was letting that process I did a soap cap starting on her ends and worked my way up to lighten up her ends
5. Once everything was done I toned just her roots with 6N Redken Shades to soften up the highlight lines around her face
6. I finished up with some long layers and face framing and she was good to go



  1. Mary Jo Ferril says

    Amber! I am so very proud of you! who would have thought those many years ago, when you and your mom came into the salon where i worked as a stylist, that someday you too, would be doing this??? Well, i have a news flash for you…… I knew!!!!! Youre awesome! Always asking questions!

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