Maroon and Violet

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This beauty wanted some fun for today! Normally I would do a 6/0 and 20 on her roots and some balayage on her ends. Depending on how she wanted it I’d tone her with a 7NB or an 8C. Just depending on what she was feeling that day.

Today, however, I applied 5/75 and 20 vol at her root about an inch out and then I applied 5/75 with 1″ of violet kicker and 30 vol on her mid shaft. Emulsifying it but not bringing it all the way through her ends.

After blowdrying her bangs I realized I didn’t get the pop of color that I wanted.

So I then applied 5RV, a violet kicker, and Processing solution from her roots to her midlengths.
On the ends I used 9B and Crystal Clear for probably 30 seconds to cancel out a little of the gold without making it ashy.

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