lets get back on track

Last week I went to the grocery store on Wednesday so I got a little off track. I went to Tom Thumb to see if I could save any money.

I’m not sure if I saved any money because I got different things than I normally get at Whole Foods. I am just going to say…and this might sound snobby…but I enjoy shopping at Whole Foods and I hated shopping at Tom Thumb. Here is why:

1) When I first walk into Whole Foods there is a coffee bar where I buy my Americano with non-fat milk and stivia. I can either pay for the coffee then or pay with the rest of my groceries. I also buy a fresh 1/4 of bag of dark coffee ($2.34) for my home brew. At Tom Thumb there is no coffee bar and if I want to buy coffee grounds it is not fresh and I have to buy the entire $11 package.

2)Moving on to the bread department. At Whole Foods I only buy a half a loaf of fresh baked bread for $2.35 which is all I need. At Tom Thumb I buy the entire loaf of packaged bread for $2.00 and half gets thrown away.

3)The frozen food is pretty much the same.

4)Whole Foods has this coconut milk that is diary and soy free that they do not sell at Tom Thumb.

5)Whole Foods sells these tortillas that are all protein and no carbs that I love and Tom Thumb does not.

6) THE MOST IMPORTANT: The meat department. I can go to Whole Foods where they have what I guess I would call a butcher. I can buy just enough meat for David and I and not have to buy the prepackaged which there are always left overs that we do not eat. They have certain foods that are pre-seasoned FRESH with out preservatives. They wrap it up for me and I can stick it right in the freezer. I can always try different stuffing and seasonings.

7) When I want to buy seasonings that I am not sure I will use often…I can put the tsp or tblsp into a little bag and not pay $7 for the entire bottle.

8) There is an entire cheese section where you can get just enough of what you need

9) The produce just looks more fresh

10) Last but not least, they have prepared meals that you can buy. For example, today I bought David and I rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, and grilled veggies for $8.99. Way cheaper than any restaurant!

eek one more..
11) They have these awesome Lara Bars in like 12 different flavors where Tom Thumb only has 3 flavors…and only 1 of which I like.

So all in all I think I’ll stick to Whole Foods until David tells me otherwise.

I don’t think I will ever understand hummus. It looks disgusting. ugh, white people are so weird 😉

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