Keeping Memories for a life time…

1) Organize your pictures!

I sat down on my bedroom floor for days organizing all of our family’s pictures. Learn from my mistakes…Here are a few ways to make your life easier:

  • Be visual. Use one of these hanging shoe racks (I think clear would be much easier) label each year!.And Slowly start narrowing down.
  • Have a box for the pictures that you have no idea what year they go into.
  • As you start to narrow down the pictures you can look and see around the year that pictures looks like.
  • After you’ve divided up all the pictures by the year put the pictures back in the box in sequential order with tabs keeping each year separate and then divide them up within the year into seasons. Then divide them up by holidays. Take those out and do the next years.
  • These magazine box holders will come in handy for the things that don’t fit in the shoe rack (for example: I scanned in all kinds of 8×10 awards and homework assignments that I had saved)



2) Find the place where you will store ALL of your digital pictures and we are going to create folders. We store all of our pictures on an external hard drive…just to be safe. I label my Folders like this:

2010 >01 JANUARY 2010 > NEW YEARS DAY 2010

2011 >01 JANUARY 2011 > NEW YEARS DAY 2011

2012 > 01 JANUARY 2012 > NEW YEARS DAY 2012

There might be a better way to organize the pictures and I’d love some feed back. This is just how I do it.

3) After you have organized your pictures and created the space where you are going to organize your digital pictures, figure out a clutter free way to have your pictures accessable so that you can stop and do a few at any given time. I have a flat box of pictures sitting on one side of my desk with a set of 3 plastic drawers on the side of my desk. I scan the pictures and place them in order inside the drawers keeping a box behind them so they don’t fall over. The drawers that I use look similar to this and are perfect for 4×6 and 5×7

4) After I get all of my pictures scanned…I’ll let you know where I go from here 😉

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