It’s about time Mrs. Gallegos

It is almost Fall. This means schedules, goals, & routine. This will result in a much happier me.

It has been 5 months since I have written in my blog & quite a bit has happened. I'll use that as my excuse.

My friend over at( a list of goals that inspired me to make a list of my own goals.

And we are off

1) Run 3x a week at least 2 miles every time

2) Run in another half sometime in the 2013-2014 school year. I am thinking the Rock and Roll Half

3) Do some sort of bible study, devotional, time with God 3x a week

4) Read a book… Any book

5) Make more time and have more energy for David

6) Write in my personal blog and my hair blog more

7) Start selling retail and having it on hand to share with my clients how important I think good Salon quality products are

8) Style my hair, even on the days I am -just- home. I can't seem to wear make up because my face is so sensitive. I need to do something to look pretty.

9) Drink a juice 1 a day 4x a week

10) Limit my phone usage while I'm hangin with my kids

One of my favorite blogs ( makes this awesome organizational kit for each month. In it is a section called 'Dalies' where I can keep in check all my goals.





  1. says

    So excited you are blogging again! Can’t wait to read more posts and I feel ya about getting back into a routine. Good luck with your goals, we can do it!

  2. Teresa Gallegos says

    Happy to read your blog again! You have inspired me to set some goals. I am always learning from you! Thank you Mrs. Gallegos !

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