I love sharing creativity!

After I worked at Drybar for a month or so and I was telling my previous employer her how excited I was to learn new things. She called me a few days later and asked if I’d want to teach a class for her and some of her friends! I have to admit my first thought was, ‘wait…me teach a class…to you?!…but you taught me everything I know?” and then I thought about when I invited my coworker over so that I could blow dry her hair and show her…She loved it (until I turned the water on her head by accident…well that is an entirely different story) It energized her and she was excited to learn that tid bit of information..so I came to the conclusion my knowledge is valuable and and others value it too!

I was nervous about my class and prepared what I was going to say and do a million times. My ‘speeches’ flew out the window and I winged it. Everything went great. I am positive everyone went home with a piece of information they didn’t start the day knowing.

In the class we focused on a GREAT round brush blow out and then we did some messy beach-y waves for fun!


  1. Dawn says

    You were great! And watch who you call “old” . Lol. Thanks for adding to our tool belt. So refreshing, individuals who take our industry serious. Keep up the amazing work.

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