here or there.

On Wednesday night I went and took a dance class. It was so much fun, but by the time I got to my car my neck like wouldn’t move. ha ha I’m so glad no one could see me. When I got home I took a hot shower and made David massage my back for like an hour.

Yesterday Valentine and I went to Mom’s Connection. It was fun. We talked about stress management etc. I’m so greatful for Valentine being such a wonderful baby and praise God for a peaceful time in my life. Then I went to Dallas’ to hang out! Valentine actually took a really good nap in Mack’s crib. Then I bought Valentine some new clothes because all of her little pants were too tight and too short on her! I can’t wait to get her dressed today. I don’t know if I want her to wear her ballet outfit our the cutest blue jean skirt I got her. ahhh I love my little girl.

Tonight I might go to dinner with the girls and then tomorrow David and I might go to my ‘unofficial’ 5 year reunion. I feel so old. After that some of David’s friends are having a concert so that should be fun!

Anyway I better go take advantage of V’s nap time and get ready for my her playgroup today.

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