Teaching our Children to Live a Life of Love.

Teaching our Children to Live a Life of Love.
The speakers name was Amber. She writes a blog on the whole topic of showing love.

“The cycle of love that God pours into our life is not complete until it is pouring out of ours into the lives of other.” -Joyce Meyer

The things she suggested were little things in our community:
-Start a “Giving Bucket”
-Host a playdate and have everyone bring an item for a specific charity
-When your child’s penny bank fills up, take it to Coinstar to count the change…divide up into spend, save, give. Brainstorm on ideas together how they can give their money to someone in need.
-Visit a retirement home and bring them flowers
-Bake goodies for your local schools
– Pay for the person in the drive thru behind you
– Plant a pot of flowers and place them on your neighbors’ porch as a pretty surprise
– Leave a bag of candy for the mailman
-Visit a DART station, buy some extra tickets and hand them out as people walk up
– Donate gently used books
– Go on a neighborhood walk and put everyone’s newspaper on the front porch
– Visit a Fire Station and thank them for what they do
– Make a card and take a sick friend a balloon
– Clean out your house and donate

The conversations are just as important as the act you are doing. Talk about why you’re doing it, who you’re doing it for, talk about how grateful your family is for the blessings you have. Remind them that God is so proud of them and happy when they think of others and show love to others.

Pray for God to open your eyes and theirs to the people and needs around us each day. And don’t just notice them but take the responsibility to do something for them.

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