“Have you begun the conversation?” Not have you had the talk.

We had a speaker,Mary Flo Riley come to our Mom’s meeting yesterday that scared the you know what out of me…
I encourage you to go to her site and listen to her talk.

Remember your child is as old as the oldest sibling in her class. SOOOOOOO SCARY!

It’s never too early to start talking to your kids about sex and instilling your values in them from a very young age.

-Develop your message:  “Sex is a gift from God for marriage” “Consider your future and your health: save sex for marriage” “Sex is like a plug. You touch you die.” Whatever your message is God, health, future, death… just be constant and be passionate about it.

-Decide how you are going to react to certain situations and questions. A smile and “I am so glad you asked that!” while you are freaking out on the inside.

-Start teaching your children the proper terms.

-When you are telling how a baby is made tell them the real story mechanically. Your children will be impressed with how much you know. And who do you want to learn the story from?

-When you tell them about reproduction you can open up a fruit and show them the seeds and talk about the seeds that babies are created with.

Our mantra will be: “Sex is a gift from God for marriage.” So one thing that we need to always answer questions with and start conversations with is “Husband and wife fit together in God’s design…. and continue.

This is a little all over the place because I was just posting my notes but GO TO HER WEBSITE!

oh oh oh oh also something really awesome she did…
She took her girls to a hotel for a weekend and did girly things. She drew out a time line that had 80 slits on it that represented their lives. They talked about all the things they had already done in the 8 years previous and what all that had accomplished etc. Then they talked about all of their hopes and dreams that they hoped to accomplish in the future. Then she highlighted from age 8 to 21 and said this is the next 10 years between now and when you become an adult…and you just kind of describe all that is going to be happening, puberity, emotionally changing, physically changing. And how this time period in their lives is such a SHORT TIME in the grand scheme of life. and how what you chose to do in this short time of your life can effect the rest of the your life and can effect all of your hopes and dreams of the future.

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