Hair Tips: Your Blow Dryer’s Cold Shot

blow dryer

Have you ever wondered why your blow dryer was designed with a ‘cold’ setting?

Yea it is nice to use your blow dryer to cool you off in the middle of a long vigorous blowdry, but if you learn how to use it properly it will result in lots of volume and fullness to your hair.

1.) Apply Your Mousse and Heat Protection Serum
2.) Power Dry
Using the hottest and highest power setting on your blow dryer WITH THE NOZZLE ON – turn your head upside down and pull the curl and frizz out of your hair with your fingers as you are power drying your hair.
3) Section, Section, Section
Have I mentioned sectioning before? Probably! Having clean sections is the single most important step to saving your sanity when you blow dry. Besides, well, using the right products and tools for your hair type. Oh there are so many factors.
4) Blow Dry Section by Section
Start section by section. Once you have completely blown out one entire section root to end,  roll all of that section back up in your brush, turn on the cold shot, and cool off that section. This ‘freezes’ your hair in place, ensuring that you get lots of volume and movement.
5) Take Your Hair Off of The Brush with Purpose
How you take your hair off the brush and how it sets after this is just as important as the work you just put into blow drying and cooling it off. Use your hands to manipulate each section and smooth those frizzy hairs out.




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