Flu is for the birds

Well we have been sick over here in the G house. The kids weren't even looking rough, just a little glossy eyed, and the Dr recommended we take them in. Thank goodness because they both have the flu.

I TOTS recommend getting your flu shot because this stinks.

Luckily my mom saved the day and dropped off lots of feel better goodies on my door step this morning,

Magazines and a bath with Epsom salt and apple cider vinegar sounded like heaven to me.

The kids have been awesome. I think its probably hit harder on David and me than them.

Tonight's story: I was sad today thinking about when V was a baby and would get sick. I would just hold her and love on her until she got better, and since both 2.0 and V have been sick I've still really been giving V most of the attention. I thought God heard my cries to love on 2.0 because as David was putting V down 2.0 started crying. I picked him up and just let him sleep on me. It was indescribable. We both needed some love tonight.


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