Day Number 5

I haven’t worked out since Monday. It is really hard to get motivated in this cold weather and the fact that the only time I have someone to watch Valentine is when David gets home. I’d much rather veg out with him than leave him =(

I’ll get on that sooner or later.

Last night I went over to Charlie and Alissa’s to watch some football game. (lol that is how much I cared about the game but really I do know that it was the Alabama vs. UT college football game)It was so nice to get out and see some faces. I feel like since the holidays and the weather being so cold I haven’t had any adult time. 4 out of the 6 of us all had IPhones so we were playing ‘words with friends’ my user name is Mrs. Gallegos if anyone wants to play me!!

This past week is the first time I’ve felt a little uneasy about being home full time. I am so ready for the warm weather, going to the park, hanging out by the pool with friends&babies etc. Last night I prayed that God would settle my heart and let me see how rewarding my time with Valentine is. And this morning she was so happy when she woke up and we snuggled up in bed for about an hour. I can’t imagine missing this time. She is only going to be this little and sweet for so long =( I think so far this is my favorite age. She has such a happy sweet personality. My favorite is when she reaches up and puts her sweet arms around my neck….but then she starts pulling my hair and scratching my face. ha today I tapped her on the hand and said “NO!!” and she started laughing…oh goodness. That’s what Andrew and I used to do to my mom and then she would get to laughing so hard and say, “you are still in trouble even though I’m laughing”

anyway today I think we might have my play group and I am looking forward to it. I’m not sure if we are meeting though because it is awfully cold out.

I think I might really be about to have a break down. My hair is falling out all over the place. I’ve never cleaned out my brush and had so much hair in it…I don’t have that much hair to start off with. I am a hairstylist I should be able to figure this out…but it’s a lot of freakin hair.

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