My Work: Ombré – a technique not a trend

It was thought that ombré would be just a trend, but it has turned into a technique.

This picture was my inspiration.



My client already had a subtle ombre going on from previously grown out highlights. I was excited for her to come in and change up our normal highlight routine. When I sent her my inspiration she liked it but wanted it to be a little more subtle than the original picture.

What I did:
1) I first applied 5 sliced foil highlights (Blondor and 20 vol) on the mohawk section of her hair. Starting with two right at her hair line. And then a few more spaced about an inch apart. I did this in order to break up her dark roots.
2) Next, while the foils were still in and processing I brought her to the shampoo bowl. I used Blondor and 40 vol and applied to her ends. I gradually worked my way up the hair shaft in order to get the ombre effect. I would take a few strands around her face and balyage it in to get more dimension and ensure I was not going to get a stark line. As it was processing I would rinse out the blondor and keep reapplying until I achieved my desired tone.
3) I kept my eye on the foils and once everything was to the level I wanted I shampooed the hair and applied Redken shades 9NB just on her roots on the mohawk section.
4) To finish off this beautiful color I appled a Serie Expert Absolute Repair Conditioning treatment. HALLELUJAH
5) For the cut I did lots of layers around her face and did a lot of texturizing to get all that movement around her face!
6) To blowdry I used my BioIonic Blow Dryer WITH A NOZZLE and a Medium Sized Ceramic Core Boar Bristle Brush
7) I stared by power drying. Applying Moroccan Oil Volumizing Mousse at her Roots, Moroccan Oil Treatment to midlengths and ends, and Bed head’s Head Rush to the ends.
8) And Finished with Moroccan Oil Strong Hold Luminous Hair Spray!

Ombre 3.27.2014

Blonde Vs. Brunette

About a month and a half ago I was bored with my hair color and wanted a change. I was really inspired by this blogger’s hair and wanted mine to look exactly like her’s!


It was fun while it lasted, but when my roots were out of hand I had a choice… should I stay blonde or go brunette? I opted for brunette, but had a lot of work to ensure I’d get a beautiful dimensional brown and ot a flat dull brown. Here are my steps: