Basking in God’s Goodness

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My friend’s family has a ranch in Athen’s and she invited us to go for the day. It was beautiful! The kids enjoyed being outside, digging in the sand, getting their feet wet, and relaxing. The sun was out but the wind was blowing. It was a little bit chilly, but that didn’t stop the kiddos from playing in the water.

Do not let Valor drive your electric cars. That kid is off his rocker. He would just push down as fast as he could and go without paying attention. The last straw was when he ran right into a tailor that had wood on top. He almost cut his little head off.

V has a soft spot for her friend Zack. Baby love. The picture on the left was taken almost 3 years ago.

Valor almost fell asleep when we were resting in the hammock. It was magical. He is a snuggler but her very rarely falls asleep on me. I was in heaven.

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