…and the next

My dream home 😉

Last night David and I dreamed surfed for about 2 hours. We designed each of our dream homes and looked at pictures of houses. It is so much fun!

Today has been a great day so far. Valentine woke up at 9 and we headed out of the house about 10. First we shipped some stuff I sold on eBay and then went by the beauty supply store. I finally have my good shampoo again. Then we went over to Dallas’ for a play date.

Dallas. Ella. Mack. Lauren. Cade. Madden. Valentine. and Bella.

When we first got there I was sure Valentine was going to crash and take a long nap, but with all the excitement she wanted to stay awake. She went from 9-3.30 without a nap and then when I clicked her in her car seat in the car she was out INSTANTLY.

I had so much fun drinking some coffee and hanging out!

Now I’m going to pick up the apartment, take a shower, and get pretty for my hubby to come home! 😉

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