A Weekend Away

I was invited to spend a weekend with my mom and her cousins. They've been celebrating this tradition for about 13 years, so I was excited to join in on the fun! My second cousin's family has a lake house that we got to go crash for the weekend. We went on walks, slept in, ate, watched movies, and I worked on my Mixbook.
It was relaxing and went by way too fast. I thought I was going to have a hard time being away from my family, but I didn't realize how much I needed a break. My kids are great, amazing even, but when I got back after being away 2 nights I was SO excited to see them. I needed to be excited crazy about them. I feel like because I stay home with them that I take their young precious lives for granted. This week has been such a blessing. We are all feeling good, eating healthy, and able to enjoy each other.
I walked down to the lake to sit by myself for a little bit. A time I used to thank God for this break and the beautiful weather to enjoy while I was there.
It was refreshing to get to prepare a plate for myself that was ALL mine. No little hands grabbing ate my cheese 😉
A few of the women had their eyeliner permanently done. It looked amazing. I've been really down lately because I can't wear make up. Well I can but when I do I want to claw my face off. So this seemed to be a really neat option. The top example has her eyebrows down. They look great. Fortunately, my eyebrows are like black so I don't need those done. I'm seriously considering the eyeliner though.



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