7 Years Married to My Favorite Mexi!

I think about the cocky 19 year old boy I feel in love with. He was confident, loud, opinionated, everything I wasn’t. I fell hard and fast for him and loved everything about him. Before David was even my boyfriend I knew we would be together forever.

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Soon after we got married Valentine was born and then we celebrated our 1 year anniversary in January 2010.
Picture 106 Valentine 340
Valentine turned 1, David switched jobs, and we moved to Richardson.
Valentine 106Valentine 255
In December of 2011 We found out we were pregnant with Valor, celebrated our 2 year anniversary and then had Valor in August of 2011.
I began my own business, Amber Gallegos Salon and we celebrated 3 years together in January of 2012.
In 2013 was our 4 year anniversary.
July 2014 we bought our dream home.
At 5 Years David and I felt very blessed and content. There were no big life events but we were happy and everyone healthy.
The picture on the left is our first date in front of my parents mantel and on the right is us celebrating our 6 year anniversary. We had drinks at Harvest and Dinner at Ricks Chop House.
In 2016 David supported me as I started Skylight Salon and we celebrated 7 years together.
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