On Thursday I went to a mommy group at watermark community church. I really enjoyed talking to women who are in the same stage as me and who love to talk about their babies, the delivery, and their problems just as much as I do. As we went around the room sharing things we were thankful for and our prayer request, I realized just how truly blessed I am:
-a beautiful healthy baby
a great sleeper
a great eater
a wonderful husband who doesn’t want to put her down when he gets home from work
a husband who is always encouraging me to take time for myself
a husband who says “it’s okay that you don’t want to cook, clean, or anything right now.. Sometimes when I don’t want to program then I don’t!”
an awesome part time job that I love and a boss that really works to keep me more than happy and a boss that is such a good friend to me
a very helpful grandmama and grandpapa who take care of V when I work on Tues and willing to babysit whenever I need it
…and that is just to start

today was davids first full (11hrs) with V by herself. He showed me some things that maybe I need to start doing. For instance he brought out all if her toys and rattles and really took the time to work with her and play with her. He said she was a good baby and only fussed a little. He wants to have a date day with her… I think that’s so adorable.

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