On my birthday August 26 the day after V turned two months we went and had her portraits made and family portraits. I got a little frustrated bc she was not very happy and the girl said none of the pictures came out… Rude. We ended up having 3 great pictures; one of her and daddy, one of just her, and one family shot! It was so exciting ! Then we headed to get her shots. I fed her right when we got there and had her in the moby swaddle with her leg hanging out. She did so great and only cried for a minute. She has been perfectly fine ever since. We went to eat at Campanias with the fam for mine and Andrews birthday. Last night we had my mom and dad babysit and we had my mom and dad babysit so we could have an evening by ourselves. David is out of town for a week and then we are off to McAllen for a few days so V can see her other favorite Grandma, Grandmama G!


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