Inspired by Connie Britton


Previously on this beautiful canvas I had done a lot of blonde balayage. This time she was searching for more depth at the crown and a little more warmth.

I first applied 7/0 and 20 on her immediate root (about 1 inch out)
I then clipped up the circle section on her crown and began putting low lights in the shape of a V all the way up from her nape.

-Low Light A 6/34 and 30 vol
-Low Light B 7/0 and 20 vol
-Low Light c 6/74 and 20 vol

I alternated these low lights and alternated pulling the color 3/4ths down the foil or all the way down the foil.

I did this all throughout her hair. As you can see I left a lot of ends out to keep the roots deep and the ends light.

I also left 1″ around her face out of the low lights. On this section I balayaged using Wella Free Lights and 40 vol

Once the blonde was processed I rinsed her hair and applied 9AA and processing Solution everywhere.

Then I finished off with Serie Expert Absolute Repair Conditioning Treatment.

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