26 Dates in 1 Year…

Sounds easy right? Well let's just say in the past few years David and I have been so busy with our precious kiddos that we haven't made time for dating each other. One of the many luxuries of having small kids right 😉 Well this year our resolution was 26 dates. One every two weeks. Each of us got to write out 13 ideas and put them in a jar. Then at the beginning of date week we will draw them!

Date #1 – We already had an amazing babysitter for when we went to Lifegroup so we decided to hit the town for a reservation at 9! Not all of our dates have a special significance, but Johnny Carinos does. In college, this is where we would go for a lot of our fancy dates! Well, go there or get it to go. David always gets chicken parm, I eat his side salad, we chow down on the most delicious bread and garlic, all while sharing a bottle of wine. <3



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